Monday, April 30, 2007


Wow!!! Mr. Toast!

Wow! I went to L.A. times/Target Bookfair at U.C.L.A. on Sunday. I met Dan Goodsell, wonderful artist and creator of Mr. Toast ( Bought his beautiful new book PARADE that really show off his genius. Dan is the one who inspired this blog. I love package design , especially food packaging from the 40's ,50's & 60's. When I found the book Krazy Kids' Food , I went CRAZY! Dan & His friend Steve Roden wrote the book which documents their huge personal collection of packages. i had the book for at least 2 years before i realized that Dan had a website: & the rest is history!
so here's a pic of my new Mr. Toast doll poppin' outta my toaster next to the book. On another note, the Welcome Home show at the Santa Monica Airport Arena 1 gallery closed on sunday. Next up: Art Queen, May 13th in joshua Tree and June 9th a i.d. workshop at the Santa Monica Museum of Art . We will be making I.D. tags and bracelets outta cardboard (of course).

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