Saturday, January 26, 2008


CUE .to Exit>

Well my friends,
The last 5 days in NYC have been swell. I've been hanging out in my "studio" at CUE Art Foundations and have been receiving many visitors. Here are a few highlights Tues: Arrived at Cue & started workin'. Called New Yorker, Bob Mankoff in L.A. Bummer! Talked to his asst. Farley WED:
The New Yorker reviewed my show!!!( I'm aiming for the cover). The Church Club of New York visited the gallery and  show and I made many charming & thoughtful new friends ( Preston shared his wonderful photos w/ me). Thurs: Called New Yorker trying to submit art. Robin Bernstein from Harvard came to interveiw me & that was fun. She is a WHITTLER! A Wonderful Queer gang of artists (Ginger Brooks,Leidy Churchman, Celeste Dupny Spencer, Emily Roysdon) descended upon me all wearing checked shirts & we had a Ginger Ale party& discussed vision books & jeans. Surprise! Sheila Debretteville appeared w/ Joyce Kozloff in tow! Had dinner w/the fabulous Nancy Grossman and delightfully graphic Carol Chen. Fri: Went to BARNEY'S and met with the charming genius Dan Powers who makes BARNEY'S displays look so swell. Called New Yorker and.....they called me BACK!!!! Have officially submitted art! Had dinner w/ Lisa Kron (One of the 5 Lesbian Brothers and exceptional solo artist as well) Jeep & Heather. Then I went home to Chez Bruleigh watched Sharapova w/ Warren and went to bed!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


See you @ Cue!

 I am back in NYC at Cue Foundation. I'll be here working in my "studio" Thurday,Friday,Saturday 2-5 pm. So if you are in the neighborhood please stop by.
Hope to see ya soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Candy Time!!

Yes it's Candy Time!! What better way to show yer affection than with a box o' cardboard chocolate. Great for everyone! No Carb, No Sugar added, Pure Cardboard Chocolate.

 added note: I will be returning to NYC to wrap up my show at CUE FOUDATION which closes January 26th. I will be visiting New Yorker, Barney's & various galleries if you haven't seen the show yet  I will be working in my "studio' at CUE next Thursday, Friday & Saturday, so come by and visit and have a ginger ale with me. CUE ART FOUNDATION 511 w. 25th street. Call 212 206-3583 for my studio times.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


In Production!

Valentines day is soon approaching. Phranc & Co. factory in heavy production.
Cardboard Candy & Jewelry.
Place orders early to insure delivery.
The Cardboard Confectioner

Thursday, January 03, 2008


PIE in 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!
May you be happy, healthy and eat alot o' pie in the 2008.
Here's some pics of the Pies (courtesy of Julie Silver) that I baked on new years day. The one in the oven was my first cherry pie. The 2008 pie is my favorite apple pie. My Butch Baker Cookbook is in the works!  Perhaps a pie podcast from my kitchen?? Many possibilities in the new year.

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