Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Well Howdy there!!!
It has been a busy month filled with many projects. Whilst working on my Phranc of California Summer Collection I was sidetracked by a WESTERN WIND that blew through my studio. Western belts came first, then: Sheriff badges, hats, boots, bandanas, vests, bowie knives?? It's gotten Wild! I became even more inspired after meeting Gregory Hinton and visiting "Hidden Histories" an LGBT western extravaganza at The Gene Autry Museum near Griffith Park. Now I am smitten w/ all thinks western and have not been able to tear myself away from the Cardboard Cobbler Stables. I'm posting some new pics here and also contemplating offering CUSTOM CARDBOARD BELTS (with yer name on 'em). It has recently been brought to my attention that my last posting, "A PHRANC SONG", was not entirely understood by all. Please let me explain here: When purchasing "Cardboard" Song from my etsy site, buyer is entitled to one(short) custom song written and sung by Phranc. The details of said song are given to me by buyer and I create a special one of a kind "gift" of song for yourself or whomever you wish.. The Cardboard Ribbon and package purchased on etsy allows me to collect funds through paypal and makes the process relatively simple(or so I thought)
I removed the offer rather quickly as no one "pounced" immediately. In retrospect I guess a little patience would have helped because some folks honestly want "A PHRANC SONG" offer to return. So.....I am seriously considering it.

Please lemme know whatcha think!!

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