Saturday, August 23, 2008


End of Summer

Well, Well Well!
I haven't been here since spring. Very busy. Sorry to keep you in the dark so long. Now for a little update. COLA concert in June w/ new songs was great success. Still waiting for DVD to post for you. The song "Old in L.A." was VERY well recieved. Moved Cardboard Cobbler's  studio from 18th Street Art Complex . San Jose Museum of Art came to new studio and have invited me to participate in Cardboard Art show on November 8th. They chose the Bra and Girdle, which haven't been shown in a very long time. I also will be working on some very exciting new pieces for this show. I will post! Promise. Have been teaching swimming all summer. Upcoming news: On October 24th which is a Friday night I will be performing at USC Queer Cabaret with My Barbarian also on the bill. Thrilled to do show but just found out I'm gonna be missing a Hannah Montana taping that night. Boo Hoo! Am working on Facebook PHRANC page and updating all tech stuff. Will be linked around the world when I'm done. Did have one mishap this summer. While practicing for my "Phranc on Ice" show (taking ice skating lessons @50), I fell and hit my head VERY HARD. Haven't been quite the same since. Didn't get a haircut for a month. Probably won't be doing that show now. head still hurts. Have taken up SAILING again ( used to race as a kid). Am preparing for Laser class. Haven't surfed because of head but figure I'm safe in the boat. So I've been makin' sand pies and am ready to get back to the workshop. I reset my password AGAIN so I'm back. Look for frequent posting as I prepare this fall.
Happy Summer!

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