Monday, April 14, 2008


Springtime! Swimming Lessons! New Art!

Springtime! Swimming lessons. New art!
I have been busy working on songs about Los Angeles for the upcoming C.O.L.A. grants finale, Friday, June 13th , 8 p.m. at California Grand Performances in downtown L.A. I will be posting as I'm finishing tunes. So far: "Griffith Park Pony" and "Old in L.A." are hummable. I will also be back in New York for the Great Lesbian Art Show at the Leslie/Lohman Gallery in Soho, opening May 19,2008. Am working on some DYKEY stuff for that. My studio is slowly moving into a new space. So, I've been kinda draggin' my feet. Not making too much new stuff cuz I'm neither here nor there. Yesterday I moved all my paints, brushes and sewing machine, to force myself into making work in the new space. I hate change! Next week, I resume my role as Water Safety Instructor, and will be available for private and semi-private swim lessons. So, my friends, I'm back bloggin' I must confess , had to reset that password yet again, cuz I can't remember nuthin.


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