Monday, April 14, 2008


Springtime! Swimming Lessons! New Art!

Springtime! Swimming lessons. New art!
I have been busy working on songs about Los Angeles for the upcoming C.O.L.A. grants finale, Friday, June 13th , 8 p.m. at California Grand Performances in downtown L.A. I will be posting as I'm finishing tunes. So far: "Griffith Park Pony" and "Old in L.A." are hummable. I will also be back in New York for the Great Lesbian Art Show at the Leslie/Lohman Gallery in Soho, opening May 19,2008. Am working on some DYKEY stuff for that. My studio is slowly moving into a new space. So, I've been kinda draggin' my feet. Not making too much new stuff cuz I'm neither here nor there. Yesterday I moved all my paints, brushes and sewing machine, to force myself into making work in the new space. I hate change! Next week, I resume my role as Water Safety Instructor, and will be available for private and semi-private swim lessons. So, my friends, I'm back bloggin' I must confess , had to reset that password yet again, cuz I can't remember nuthin.


Hi Phranc,
Will "Folksinger" ever be available on iTunes?


Transient Reporter
Phranc!! You're too awesome for words! KEEP ON BLOGGIN'!! And keep on making great music...and cardboard art!!! Thanks for putting your energy out into the world...Elijah
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Hi.I met you in San Diego at a movie festival (2003?). Yes, we bought some Tupperware from you! We mailed a signed copy of one of your cds to a friend who couldn't come with us. The film was "Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc's Adventure in Plastic" My best friend lives in Japan now. He still wants to see the movie about you, though. How can we get ahold of it? Does anyone sell it?
It was great to see you perform at COLA; the new songs sounded great. Will you be doing any more shows around town? I'd sure love to hear more!
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