Thursday, May 28, 2009


Phranc "Under The Sea"

Well Ahoy Again!!
Continuing with the nautical theme, here is a short music video I made today featuring my prototype for a Cardboard Diving bell helmet!



Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Just got back from a cruise celebrating my Dad's 85th birthday.
Here's a pic of his very appropriate gift.
He's a real lifesaver!


Monday, May 18, 2009



Well, what kinda blogger am I? One who is very inconsistent which is not a blogger at all. I am a doodler, a scribbler, a person who is endlessly trying to exhaust my list of dream jobs. I have been very busy as of late working at a supermarket trying to get into the bakery so that I could decorate cakes( #142 on my list O' dream jobs). Alas the bakery was full and I ended up bagging groceries and pushing carts for 3 months. I RESIGNED MY POSITION OF COURTESY CLERK TODAY! 
On with the art!
Today I finished a pink shirt and tie I've been working on and shipped it off to NY for a small group show curated by Jeremy Adams of CUE ART FOUNDATION. Every thing is supposed to fit in a flat file so I sent the Red Bandana along just in case the collar on the shirt is too high. Here's some pics. 
I am now free to concentrate on group show coming up in August at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica AND of course Prepare for my summer job as a Water Safety Instructor which begins June 1!

So my friends stay tuned , I will be creating and posting.
The Cardboard Cobbler is BACK!!


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