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Well, what kinda blogger am I? One who is very inconsistent which is not a blogger at all. I am a doodler, a scribbler, a person who is endlessly trying to exhaust my list of dream jobs. I have been very busy as of late working at a supermarket trying to get into the bakery so that I could decorate cakes( #142 on my list O' dream jobs). Alas the bakery was full and I ended up bagging groceries and pushing carts for 3 months. I RESIGNED MY POSITION OF COURTESY CLERK TODAY! 
On with the art!
Today I finished a pink shirt and tie I've been working on and shipped it off to NY for a small group show curated by Jeremy Adams of CUE ART FOUNDATION. Every thing is supposed to fit in a flat file so I sent the Red Bandana along just in case the collar on the shirt is too high. Here's some pics. 
I am now free to concentrate on group show coming up in August at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica AND of course Prepare for my summer job as a Water Safety Instructor which begins June 1!

So my friends stay tuned , I will be creating and posting.
The Cardboard Cobbler is BACK!!


Glad you're back, Phranc! I was hoping to find a job for you in one of the Whole Foods bakeries, but it turns out that you have to work in the regional baking center if you want to do the cake decoration kind of stuff. Oh well. Your talents are probably better suited for art and lifesaving, anyway! Let us know about the upcoming show at Craig Krull.
Thanks Cassandra, am still looking for decorating work part time. Am honing my skills. Will be airbrushing soon.
Hi Phranc-

Cake decorating is on my list of dream jobs, too! Do you know about the Cake Wrecks blog? It's really quite

Thanks again for sharing your adventures with the rest of us-
What is the bandanna made from?
The Bandana is made from a paper bag.
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