Thursday, February 07, 2008



I baked a cherry pie yesterday. My friend Mimi Pond took a picture.
Today I worked on the Phranc & Co. exclusive "Gold" Jewelry line and attempted another lifejacket.  Good thing I know how to swim.

Friday, February 01, 2008



 TUPPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!! Yep, yer Tupperware Lady has reappeared to keep her customers happy. Just  run to your computer and click to order Tupperware online. I will be "partying" for a limited time in February , so if yer on the west coast, pop me a post and maybe you will be the lucky host or hostess to have a musical Tupperware party of your very own. 
Back in the day, my friends, there was a little chat show called "Decoupage" it was hosted by a glamorous gal by the name of Summer Caprice. I am happy to announce that episodes of that charming show are now available for viewing. I will try to link, but is in the works and not quite up yet. Please go to You Tube to view just posted classic Phranc interviews and videos. 

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