Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Concert Comin'!

Hey! The cobbler's been pretty slow painting those pinstripes on the "wonder bread" shirt. Almost halfway done.I've got a summer concert comin' up SATURDAY JULY 15 7:30 PM @ THE 18TH ST ARTS CENTER, 1657 18TH ST, IN SANTA MONICA ,CALIFORNIA. IT'S AN OUTDOOR CONCERT IN THE PARKING LOT. BRING YER BEACH CHAIRS ETC IT'S FREE! TELL ALL YER FRIENDS! So I'll keep paintin' & now I'll be practicin' too. hoping for some fun guest stars. Am tryin' a hat on the giant ME that Alison Bechdel drew when she was here(be sure to keep posted Will be gettin new camera soon so for now a little glimpse o' The Cardboard Cobbler's studio.

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