Sunday, September 10, 2006


Pine Street Art Works Opening

SO! Finally! FRIDAY NIGHT OUR SHOW OPENED AT PINE STREET ART WORKS IN BURLINGTON, VERMONT! Tons o' people came and it was really fun. Alison's installation of monumental drawings is fantastic and I was really happy with the Phranc of California part of the show. we made a little movie of the show but I can't quite get it up here yet, go to Alison's site ( and watch it there or go directly to youtube!
Many thanks to Liza Cowan for her enthusiasm & opportunity to show our work together in such a great space. Now the cardboard cobbler is home and I have many things to do. WINTER SPORTS for instance! cardboard snowshoes perhaps?

Good Lord Phranc, you age well darlin'.
I remember seeing you in NYC years ago, so good to stumble onto your page and see that you are no less the handsome fella than you ever were and are up to cool things of course...
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