Monday, October 30, 2006


Ketchup Salesman!

Hello & Happy Halloween!
Behold the Jack o' lantern family portrait. Be safe and stay well. Eat lots of candy! look for me prowling the streets as a Ketchup Salesman.
Oh, if anybody remembers those orange wax halloween harmonicas, give a holler!

Frank, I remember orange wax harmonicas. Also wax lips, teeth, and mustaches. Do you remember wax bottles with syrup in them?
Phranc! Why did I type Frank? Because all I have had to eat today has been broth and apple juice, that's why. And candy would taste so good right now. Love your bandanas, too. I am thinking maybe I should blog too. Thoughts becoming more dijointed.Soon will dissapate completely into hoo-haa.
orange wax halloween harmonicas - I remember - the tubes on them graduated in size to make the different notes, somewhat trangular in shape.

I had a machine that made whistles out of mini tootsie rolls. Made them in halves and stuck the two candy pieces together.

chewy - aw sugar sugar
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