Wednesday, October 04, 2006


SO. It's been almost a month since I posted. Not feeling lazy, just FROZEN. Don't know whether to make Bathrobes or Bandanas? So I just read old National geographic and wait for inspiration. I think BANDANAS! A series based on "Hanky Code" the colored kerchief slang of the fag world. This blog thing is weird. I don't think anyone reads this. There are no comments. It might help if I linked to my own website: HUH! Site is being overhauled and moved to new server and will eventually include this blog and Cardboard Cobbler Store! Holiday ornaments and music will be available in November. I'm scouring for an image to entertain. Here's an image from Disneyland 50th Birthday Parade that was amazing! Also, be sure to go to : Liza has posted all art. it available for revue and purchase ONLINE!!!!
Hankies soon. I promise

Just found your Blog. Surfed over here from YouTube. Enjoyed the Art Show vid. Knew you sang, didn't know you made art.

So, you're going to have a Bandanarama?

Phranc, Phranc hankie Phranc....
The art post are great!,you must not be aware that the blog is a little wonky with the comment section.
My friend and I posted comments upon stumbling onto it the other day and they didn't post, so others may experience similar difficulty.
Just keep up the good work, My blog which is also difficult, can be seen by typing into google search "I am supertan" check it out if you like, lots of "bear" artist on there.
I am not really a "blogger" nor a shemale, but don't tell, just check it out...
BTW, great to see that Alison Bechdel is up to things too, like old home week around here, lovely!
You do indeed have readers. And fans. Keep up the good work.
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