Saturday, November 18, 2006


Dandelion Wine!

Wow! I met Ray Bradbury today! I read Dandelion Wine at the start of every summer. He is my hero. Am excited to read his brand new sequel ' Farewell summer". What an inspiration! He was gracious enough to pose for a picture. Thank you Mr. Bradbury.

Phranc, I LOVE ME some Ray Bradbury too! (Will the parallel universes in which we exist ever converge?) I met him at the very first San Diego Comic Convention in about 1970 at UCSD, me being the original teenage nerd girl. Then I got to meet him earlier this year, with MY 14-year old son, at an event at Barnsdall with author-cartoonist general smartypants M.C. Lord, whose book, "Astro Turf" is a great read all about the Southern Cal. aerospace industry with a memoir of her engineer dad woven through it.
er, pimimond...

Did you have a cartoon in The Village Voice in the 80's?
Yeah ! It's THAT Mimi Pond!
Cool... as I suspected. Her screen name had a ring of familiarity to me. Jumbled up spelling of her name.

I'm a Graphic Artist / (Sunday) Painter / East Coast Girl. Attended Pratt Institute, Brooklyn / Manhattan during the 80's, lived in the East Village 89-91.

Keep on Cobblin' .
Hey Chewy, I lived in the east village from 82-90! Chewy, Chewy, Chewy...who ARE you?
Mimi, (please excuse me phranc)

I put a little on my chewy blog page. We may have brushed shoulders in the East Village, but never met. I lived on Houston at the corner of Avenue A. My hangouts; Sidewalks, 7A, Pyramid, Cave Canem, Crazy Nannies, Cubby Hole, SoHo galleries, museums. I wore the basic artist "black uniform" with silver chains and big combat boots.

I would read your comic in the Village Voice. Mimi Pond is a name that sticks and I like the way you draw your letterforms.

A friend informed me that Phranc is making kraftpaper sculpture... which intrigued me and I found my way to this blog.
It's a tiny world, Chewy! I lived at Fifth Street and Ave. A. I wasn't so big on the nightlife. I always found it hard to stay up late. I went to Danceteria now and then. Saw Cab Calloway at the old Fillmore East! And Jerry Lee Lewis at the Lone Star Cafe. My next-door neighbor was the lead singer of the Fleshtones, so I checked them out at Danceteria. I was wearing scarves wrapped into big bows in my hair and having seen her on Ave. A a couple of times, I think Madonna stole my look!

My dad was a sign painter so I used his signpainting and lettering books to teach myself lettering. And Mimi Pond is my real, honest-to-god name. I got lucky!

I didn't know it then, but the 80's were a golden age for comics in mainstream periodicals. Not so much now, sadly. But you can find me in the Sunday LA Times op-ed section, called "Currents" every month or so.

I worked at the Stat Store on Fifth Ave. near Danceteria. Went to Danceteria on Sunday nights. Loved the three floors, the elevator and I think I recall going out on the rooftop a few times. Now that I think about it... I went to a lot of clubs. Private Eyes, Area, MK's, Limelight, The Garage, Milk Bar, The Tunnel, Pyramid... Now I mostly stay at home and deal with peri-menopause. Ha!

Oh, and I have been working on my Blog. Please visit it.

Nice chatting with you.
Phranc, it's time to update your blog!
Wow! Your stuff is amazing! Glad I found your link on
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