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The Cardboard Cobbler is back again! just installed show at Arena 1 gallery at Santa Monica Airport. It's a great group show called "WELCOME HOME" curated by Ashley Emenegger and featuring amazing artists. Opening reception is next Saturday, March 31, 7-9 pm (3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 90405,, gallery hrs wed-sat 12-6 pm) So ther's all the info. here are some W.I.P. (work in progress) pics. I just finished the Plaid Picnic Pail today! Am undecided about the Bar-B-Q Apron "Weiners" so they are just taped on for now.

I like the weiners....a great touch!
You never cease to amaze. From he first time I saw you (stealing the show) at the Craig Lee benifit at the Palace, to your spine tingling performance at Lady Fest LA to Tupping and now Sculpting! It all seems to work so perfectly together with out pretense or "fakeyness". I'll admit, I've missed more than I've seen, but every time your fine work crosses my path (usually by accident) it totally kicks ass!
Thanks Pranc.
Are you still Tupping these days? Seeing Lisa Udelson's film about you inspired me to become a Tupperware consultant in the UK, and specifically gave me tips on how to combine enthusiasm for Tupperware with a wry humour, a breezy style and a queer sensibility. And it's working, I am currently no. 2 seller in the UK.

I would so love to see Lifetime Guarantee again but it seems to not exist. Even the distributors say they don't have a copy! Any tips? I could trade you a copy for a CheeseSmart!

Anyway, my thanks to you, it's great to see your fantastic cardboard work.
Phranc it is all so beeyouteeful!!!
Hi Phranc,

Just got Morrissey tix and that reminded of the first time I saw you play, you opened for the Smiths in Santa Barbara. I was blown away and still love your music, so happy to have found your blog.

Hi Phranc-
Love your new stuff! Looking forward to seeing it in person. Please keep us in the loop!

Thanks for a fabulous ph3 party- everyone enjoyed all the tupper fun!

Chef Dawn & Mike

ps: keep the weiners- they're cute!!!
I love it!
What great work.
Fellow cardboard recycler artist,
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