Thursday, October 04, 2007


"The New York Collection"

I have been away from my cobblin' blog, teaching swimming all summer. Now I have dried off and get back to cobbling for my upcoming solo show at THE CUE ART FOUNDATION ( in NEW YORK,December 6th, 2007. This will be my first solo exhibition in New York. The last time I showed visual work there was in 1994. I was part of the Creative Time's 42nd Street Arts Project. I created the PHRANC-O-MAT, a cardboard filled storefront replicating my automat fantasy. Perhaps my new Phranc of California show at CUE will have an UNDERMAT! A cardboard creation that dispenses underwear! Who knows? It is a possibility though. So stay tuned now. I will be current (at least for awhile) and posting as I prepare.

Cardboard Love,


right on! welcome back!
Woo-Hoo! You're back!
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