Tuesday, December 18, 2007



Hey!I know i've been really, really, slow again but hey it's been an exciting time & Hey! I just got home! I had a swell time in NYC with Ann Magnuson & all the folks at CUE FOUNDATION. Thursday night was the opening and Friday Ann & I had ourselves a little (I think about 150 people came) hootenany complete w/ s'mores. My constant partner/collaborator/producer/extra set o' eyes & ears Mr. Warren Bruleigh was by my side throughout the whole escapade providing unparalelled support. My pal Alison Bechdel was there and my PARENTS came all the way from L.A.! Big Thanks to Jeremy, Ryan, Beatrice, Talia, Ann, Bobby and the amazing Bill for helping to make the whole experience MARVELOUS! The catalog is really beautiful and I will post it soon. Here are a few pics from opening night.

Promise to be back very soon,


Yea! More pictures please! Podcast from the hootenanny!
Just found the article on you in craftzine. I have tons of cereal boxes waiting to be turned into a book cover, but now I think I'm going to give the boxes a whirl. I've added your link to my typepad blog (shelz.typepad.com) so I can check up and see your creations. LOVE THEM! The music...it's an added bonus!
hey, this is norn!

i posted my illustration of you & Ann @ the hootennany on my blog


(I'm still catchin up on work from december)

thank you for everything!
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