Saturday, February 27, 2010


Singin' in the rain!!

Well hello all!!!
Tonight I am singin' at McCabe's Guitar shop in Santa Monica. All my friends and fans have made this a sold out show. I am so thrilled! Thank you all for your kind support. If you were not able to attend this evening please know that I will be appearing in "your neck of the woods" soon.
Stay posted especially for those Easter and Passover treats that The Cardboard Cobbler is making ready!!!!

xxx see ya soon!


I cannot believe I missed it! I have been waiting forever to see you sing again. It's my fault for not checking in often enough. Please keep us posted, I'm excited, your music makes me feel young and happy.
I could not stop but listening and making fun at your song. it is a great opportunity for me to hear you.I'll never miss it
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