Sunday, April 11, 2010


Birthday Belt!!!

Well, Spring is here and creativity is in the air!! I am inspired to make many things. My Phranc Novelty Co. will have products available for sale this Summer at The Santa Monica Museum of Art and LACE(Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions).I am currently working non-stop in preparation for my solo show at the Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica that will be in a little over a year from now in Summer/Fall of 2011!! So much to do and MAKE!!! And speaking of making, my friend Peg Healey (of The 5 Lesbian Brothers fame) just celebrated a landmark: Walking for the first time since fracturing her pelvis, and turnign 50!! To commemorate the occasion I presented her with The WESTERN PELVIC BONE-BRAKING CHAMP 2010 BELT. (only wish I'd spelt her last name right. Darn!) Congrats to Peg!!
Off to the studio.
Keep those cards and letters comin'


It would be great fun and surprising gift for my brother birthday
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