Friday, April 23, 2010


A Phranc Song!!!!!

I am making myself available for some small musical adventures. I've put together a package or.. I should say The PHRANC NOVELTY CO. has put together a new package" A Phranc Song" . (I had to figure out how to make it paypal friendly so I decided to use my wonderful ETSY STORE to make it easy) A beautiful handmade cardboard ribbon to be inscribed with customer's name. Then using information supplied by buyer I will create a custom musical ditty and call the favored one and sing it over the phone. Now this is really just an ol' fashioned singin' telegram. However there is the cardboard element which makes it official and special. It is a very personal thing to have a song written especially for you. Celebrations of all sorts, birthdays wedding, anniversaries, even song of get well soon, or send a tune as a pick me up for some who's been feelin' blue. Plain ol' goofyness is perfectly fine. So... who do you know who would LOVE this gift??? Pick yer brains then go to :

and make it happen!

Hey what about a little video and I post it on YOUTUBE for all to see!!!!! That could be comin' soon!!!


Oh my goodness, I am just reading this and now understand what "a Phranc song" meant when I saw it on facebook! You are soo out of the cardboard box...I mean it's like there is no box!
Oh and I just put your blog in my "dashboard".
Have to keep up!
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