Sunday, October 09, 2011


The Woman's Building, The Skirball, The Autry!!!

HEllo to all!!
A very busy time. A new retrospective at Otis Art Institute reflects on the wonders of The Woman's Building, feminist art mecca (1973-1991), I attended as a teenager. I will be in concert Sunday October 16, 4:00 pm at The Skirball Cultural Center showing pics of the ol' days and singing classic and brand new tunes. Then in November (I think installation is on the 5th) on to the Autry National Center (home of The Singin' Cowboy Gene Autry) where I'm installing a Phranc & Co. Out West General Store (all products paper and cardboard of course. here are the links and preview pics!!

Purchase online
Receive $5 discount when purchasing tickets by providing this code: 99729. Limit 2.

See ya there!!

When is it???
Hey Phranc, I'm trying to locate Lisa Freeman to invite her to a screening/reunion of her film Savage Streets! It is happening in Calgary, Alberta Canada on Sept. 21st & ties into the Calgary Horror-Con Sept. 22nd & 23rd where they are also doing a Friday the 13th reunion! Could you please contact me at or Thanks!
interesting article. I love.. and I want to see the latest articles from this website.. Hopefully can be realized , and good luck always....

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