Friday, May 23, 2014

A long day monkeying around with my RealPhranc YouTube channel that I set up 5 yrs ago.
Things have changed more than a little in the past couple o' years. So updating and re-linking is taking awhile. VERY SOON all will be well and linked again. ETSY(The Cardboard Cobbler shop), REALPHRANC(youtube channel), THE CARDBOARD COBBLER(blog). You can now email me direct for work/gigs/art etcTHIS IS JUST FOR WORK:
In the meantime, here's a swimsuit from my SUMMER 2011 show @ Craig Krull Gallery (

Looking forward to more Phranc talk with Pickles.
look for Pickles in August
interesting article. I love.. and I want to see the latest articles from this website.. Hopefully can be realized , and good luck always....
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